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Watanabe Miyuki ameblo translation2013-03-03 00:35:13みるきー(。・ω・。)original entry : http://ameblo.jp/nmb48/entry-11482213897.htmlKonbanwatanabeThis is Watanabe Miyuki(。・ω・。)My dinner for today…The answer is…YakinikuI really love to eat yakiniku, butI’m wondering whether it will give good effect on staminaI ate too much until my stomach fullIt was hurts (´Д`) (Laugh)Guys, what do you like to have as your dinner?Well, I’ll do my best again for tomorrow(o>ω<o)Oyasumirukii⌒(。∵。)⌒pyon♪


Watanabe Miyuki ameblo translation
2013-03-03 00:35:13
original entry : http://ameblo.jp/nmb48/entry-11482213897.html


This is Watanabe Miyuki(。・ω・。)

My dinner for today…The answer is…


I really love to eat yakiniku, but
I’m wondering whether it will give good effect on stamina

I ate too much until my stomach full
It was hurts (´Д`) (Laugh)

Guys, what do you like to have as your dinner?

Well, I’ll do my best again for tomorrow(o>ω<o)



oshimen propaganda 1/16 | SNH48 Team NII Ju Jingyi

Nicknames: Little Ju, Kiku, Xiao Ju Ling
Date of Birth: 18th June 1995 (18)
Hometown: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

- Jingyi was a model prior to joining SNH48 
- She can play the Piano and Violin plus she is trained in Ballet and Jazz Dance
- She is considered the best singer in the second generation as well as their ‘ace’
-Garnered attention from Japanese wotas after her rendition of 'Yokaze no Shiwaza'
-Was also branded the 'Chinese Maiyan' by some Japanese wotas for having similar features to Shiraishi Mai

Why I love her:
Jingyi is beautiful and has this elegant classy look, but she likes to fool around. She’s quiet and tends to not say much but will always speak up when she feels she needs to. She’s very passionate about performing and I can sense her drive. I watched a BTS clip of Team NII getting ready to perform their version of Koisuru Fortune Cookie (the easiest dance on the planet). While other girls were on their phones or just chilling, she was still practising the moves over and over seriously. And even though she’s barely 5 feet tall, she’s bursting with talent and I hope she can become SNH48’s center and bring them to success. If not she would make a great soloist…


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